Bansabadell Vida Board of Directors visits Barcelona Health Hub

Picture above are Claudio Chiesa, CEO Bansabadell Vida; Fina Alargé Salvans, CFO Bansabadell Vida; Pilar Cabrera Muñoz, Company Secretary Bansabadell Vida; Laura Cuscó, PA to CEO Bansabadell Vida; Marta Carbajo, Team Assistant Bansabadell Vida; Francisco Javier Lorenzo Muradas, Board Member Bansabadell Vida; Julian Temes, Board Member Bansabadell Vida; Dr. Jochen Schwarz, Board Member Bansabadell Vida; Enrique Zavala Godoy, Chief Insurance Officer Bansabadell Vida; Cristina Sales Herrera, Commercial Insurance Leader Bansabadell Vida; Jordi Garcia, Chief Operating Officer Bansabadell Vida; Oscar Compte, Strategic Assistant to CEO Bansabadell Vida; Jose Manuel Veiga Couso, Chief Business Transformation Bansabadell Vida; Eli Oller, Protection and Client Management Bansabadell Vida; Montaña Vela Cepeda, Planning and Performance Manager Bansabadell Vida; Alessandro Paoli, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd Consultant Bansabadell Vida; Cristian Pascual, President Barcelona Health Hub and CEO TECKEL MEDICALJosep Carbó de Cala, Vice President Barcelona Health Hub; Gina Farrús, Chief Communications Officer Barcelona Health Hub.

BanSabadell Vida Board of Directors has visited Barcelona Health Hub, after celebrating its monthly Board at the magnificient Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

The visit has essentially consisted of a presentation of the Association followed by an in-depth tour through BHH facilities. After that, they had presentations of some resident companies. The visit has finished with a group photo.