Javier de Oca, Co-Founder and CEO at Iomed

Above: Javier de Oca, CEO and Co-Founder at Iomed

Javier de Oca is the Co-Founder and CEO at IOMED Medical Solutions. Javier has several years experience in sales, having managed the international expansion of various companies internationally, both in Europe and Africa. His passion for entrepreneurship lead him to co-found several initiatives even during college, and finally to launch IOMED in 2016.

What is your role in Iomed?

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO, I’m in charge of general business management, strategy and business development.

Could you explain what Iomed offers?

IOMED offers a set of tools that re-use medical data contained in both free-form, unstructured clinical texts (like electronic health records) and structured sources to boost results in clinical research, mainly focusing in patient recruitment for clinical trials. All this with the highest regard to patient privacy, complying with the strictest standards of data security, anonymization and privacy in the market.

How did Iomed start?

IOMED started right from clinical practice. Our co-founder, Gabriel, medical doctor from training, experienced the hurdles and pains of manually having to pick clinical information from text. It took him several days full time to generate a small-size database for a small study. That sparked the idea: how is it possible that no tech tool does this automatically? And here we are.

How many collaborators are currently involved in your team?

Currently the company has a total of 11 employees, both locally based in Barcelona and abroad.

Who are the ideal or most usual Iomed’s clients?

We work with hospitals, both public and private, as well as public and private researchers.

What is your mission/vision for Iomed at medium/long term?

IOMED will become the worldwide level standard for patient data treatment in healthcare research.

How did you meet Barcelona Health Hub?

We have a close relation with Mediktor, the company originally promoting the Hub. Through them, we were one of the first members of the Hub, joining in October 2018.

Why did you choose to be based in Barcelona Health Hub?

Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) is a hub unique in its kind. Putting together startups, VC Funds, corporates and Hospitals on a daily basis generates he sort of results and visibility that normally would take ages and a lot of effort to build. Here, they flow naturally.

Moreover, BHH is where innovation in healthcare will be happening in the coming years, not only at a city level, actually not even at a Spanish level, but actually at a European level. BHH will become a reference hub in the continent and IOMED wanted to be a relevant part of it from the very beginning.

How do you foresee the future in digital health field?

Digital health will strongly grow in the coming years. It won’t be a fast or explosive growth, as adoption is slower than in other sectors, but it will be a solid one. There’s just too much to change and too much at stake if stakeholders don’t act and adopt both quickly and rigorously. Investors better keep an eye on this sector.