AdSalutem Institute and Barcelona Health Hub Join Forces to Promote Innovation in Digital Health

AdSalutem Institute has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub with the objective of developing research projects which investigate the impact that sleep has on the wellbeing and health of individuals.

From left to right: Eva Verdura, AdSalutem’s Business Development Director; Josep Carbó, Vice President of BHH; Cristian Pascual, President of BHH; Antoni Esteve, Founder and Chairman of AdSalutem Institute; Luis Badrinas, CEO of BHH and Community of Insurance and Alejandro Barreneche, CFO of AdSalutem.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday, the 9th of July in the Barcelona Health Hub offices in the presence of the Founder and Chairman of AdSalutem Institute, Antoni Esteve, who was accompanied by Alejandro Barreneche, AdSalutem’s Chief Financial Officer; Eva Verdura, AdSalutem’s Business Development Director; the President and Vice President of Barcelona Health Hub, Cristian Pascual and Josep Carbó respectively and, finally, the CEO of BHH and Community of Insurance, Luis Badrinas and the CCO of BHH, Gina Farrús.

Barcelona Health Hub and AdSalutem will proceed to collaborate in the development of initiatives to improve people’s sleep. AdSalutem will thus have access to the global ecosystem that BHH is in order to conduct research projects working with various startups and other corporate members of BHH’s Association.

Antoni Esteve, Chairman of AdSalutem, commented “despite sleep being a necessary physiological phenomenon to which we dedicate a third of our lives, we do not yet have complete knowledge of the function and purpose of this crucial part of health. However, with time more studies have identified the importance of sleeping patterns and their effect on health and quality of life. This collaboration agreement between AdSalutem Institute and Barcelona Health Hub will allow us to develop our knowledge of sleep and its relationship to health further and put such knowledge at the disposal of members of society”.

Additionally, Luis Badrinas, the CEO of Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, stated “our objective is to construct a global ecosystem that reaches all corners of the globe and is vinculated to all and any actors that participate in the promotion of digital health through the adoption of innovative digital technologies”.

About AdSalutem Institute

AdSalutem Institute is a private Catalan entity with the mission of nurturing and promoting scientific knowledge regarding sleep, health and the influence of sleep on individuals’ quality of life. Moreover, AdSalutem offers high value healthcare services to individuals affected by sleep disorders. AdSalutem Institute counts on academic support from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) within the framework of the Center for Studies of Sleep Medicine, in which both entities collaborate in the specialized scientific and teaching fields of sleep medicine.

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