Mi Tres Torres Becomes a Member of Barcelona Health Hub in Order to Promote the Transformation of Digital Health

Barcelona, 15th of July 2019  Mi Tres Torres clinic has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), an entity founded in 2018 with the objective of accelerating the transformation of the digital health sector and promoting the creation of a network and thus collaborative relationships between startups, health corporations and investors. Both firms will direct this collaboration towards the creation of various initiatives that have the ambition of becoming internationally commended in the field of digital health.

From left to right: Gaby Masfurroll Cortada, CEO of Mi Tres Torres; Cristian Pascual, President of Barcelona Health Hub; Gabriel Masfurroll Lacambra, President of the Administration Committee of Mi Tres Torres and Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance

“Barcelona Health Hub aims to become a meeting point between different actors in the digital health sector and Mi Tres Torres is eager to be present in this global ecosystem, holding a role of relevance in this digital transformation with the objective of ensuring the wellbeing of individuals who trust in our services” states Gaby Masfurroll Cortada, Chief Executive Officer of the medical clinic Mi Tres Torres.

Moreover, Gabriel Masfurroll Lacambra, President of the Administration Committee of Mi Tres Torres, commented “today is a very special day for our clinic as we sign a collaboration agreement with an entity with great projection as is BHH. BHH is located in the old site of Sant Pau Hospital where I started my professional career; met my wife Cristina and where my eldest son Gaby, today CEO of Mi Tres Torres, was born. This represents a point of unity between the past and the future of the Mi Tres Torres Group”.

Medical Clinic Mi Tres Torres, Boutique Clinic

The medical clinic Mi Tres Torres is one of Barcelona’s private health institutions with the most history and prestige. It was founded in 1970 and it is located in a residential area in Barcelona. In 2014, it was acquired by the Masfurroll family, who proceeded to invest over 10 million euros in a process of complete renovation of the technologies and facilities available to the clinic.

The Mi Tres Torres Campus consists of a variety of buildings with external consultation offices, 50 rooms, 7 operating theatres, a large area for diagnostics and over 10,000 square meters. Having Gaby Masfurroll Cortada as CEO, the clinic has successfully transformed into a Boutique Clinic, offering high value medical services and striving for excellence and the unique and personalized treatment of each individual patient.

Furthermore, since the Masfurroll family acquired the clinic, its medical team has welcomed a large number of prestigious professionals, experts in a variety of different specialties.

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