Opinno Joins Barcelona Health Hub to boost digital health transformation

The international innovation & technological consultancy firm, Opinno, based in Madrid and with offices in the Barcelona, US and Mexico among others has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to boost innovation as a service with high tech start-ups from the health ecosystem where they both are specialists.

The signature took part today at Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site where Barcelona Health Hub has its HQ for Europe with the presence of Xavier Contijoch, Director at Opinno Barcelona; Jesus Obelmejías, Strategy Director at Opinno BCN; Matias Banchero, Business Development Director, Tech division, at Opinno BCN; Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub; and Gina Farrús, Marketing & Communications Director at Barcelona Health Hub

Xavier Contijoch, said: “Open Innovation is at the heart of our business, one of our main missions is to engage startups with big corporations to build fruitful and agile collaborations that delivers business impact. We can see it as a Start-up Middleware process supported by the close relation Opinno has with Corporations and our connexion to the startup ecosystem. In fact, we even built a open digital platform that eases sharing digital assets to promote new product co-development. Both sides of the coin, leading high-tech start-ups and the most relevant actors in Pharma and Health insurance space gathers at Barcelona Health-Hub so for us is the place to be to promote innovation in the sector”


Opinno was founded in 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis with the aim of helping corporations innovate to create value. We take processes used by start-ups and apply them to big companies around the world, our main focus are: Open Innovation, agile & customer centricity transformation and digital business & service design. For this purpose, we work closely with C-level executives to help them understand why innovation should be a pillar on their strategic agenda so they can take advantage of our expertise to build their own and personalized innovation roadmap avoiding the one-size-fits all approach.

Health Insurance and Pharma are among Opinno´s main verticals which fits perfectly with Barcelona Health Hub in their path to involve and engage players in this sector.

Barcelona Health Hub

BHH is a non-profit association that was founded in 2018, the purpose of which is to accelerate the transformation in digital health, fostering the interaction between startups, health corporations and investors. The organization’s goal is to become an international reference center in digital medicine, attracting innovation and talent.

With less than a year, the association has more than 130 associate members (startups, corporates, hospitals, universities, health institutions and investors), both national and international, who enjoy and participate regularly in digital health events and networking activities.

The entity is located in the impressive architectural complex devised by the Lluís Domenech i Montaner, which was the Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital for almost 100 years. It occupies more than 2000 square meters of the Sant Manel pavilion, combining Art Nouveau with the latest technology in coworking and showroom spaces.


From left to right: Josep Carbó, Director of Global Business Development and Partner at Barcelona Health Hub; Jesús Obelmejías, Strategy Director at Opinno BCN; Xavier Contijoch, Director at Opinno Barcelona; Cristian Pascual, Co-Founder at Barcelona Health Hub; Matias Banchero, Business Development Director, Tech division, at Opinno BCN; Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub.