4D Health – Innovation Simulation Center joins BHH to collaborate on innovative healthcare projects and facilitate its transfer to the sector

With this collaboration agreement, 4D Health joins Barcelona Health Hub as a partner to accelerate digital health transformation.

4D Health is a training centre for healthcare professionals, a simulated hospital which recreates virtually real situations in which clinical processes can be performed to work on both technical and non-technical skills. Furthermore, it is also a service centre for companies and institutions to use as a test bed for new products, processes and methodologies.

Companies will find in 4D Health the opportunity to develop customized projects related to their products and business strategies, in order to improve the training of their customers, as well as their commercial teams, in real environments and with the participation of healthcare professionals and managers.

4D Health counts on state of the art clinical facilities, simulation expert team, and audiovisual resources, which facilitate innovative and efficient training for customers and professionals of a company in an interactive and practical environment. It provides the following services:

  • Sales excellence for clinical & organizational simulation

    • Simulation of commercial actions to prescribers, decision makers and/or expert patients, based on the specific needs of each company.
    • Product training to sales teamsProfessional education for clinical & organizational simulation
  • Product training to healthcare professionals
  • Showcase product and brand visibility
  • Usability of product and human factor engineering