4YFN Barcelona Awards will award the winner with €25,000

The 4YFN Barcelona Awards 2020 is the startup competition of the 4YFN during MWC Barcelona 2020 event, focused on accelerating business development and the investment of new technologies. Submissions close on 10 December at 23.00hrs Spain time. The Startup winner will get a 25,000€ prize from Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation and also: Free Startup.

And the 10 selected startups that will pitch at BHHInvestorsDay are…

Barcelona Health Hub will be hosting the first Edition of “BHH Investors Day” on 12th December. BHH Investors Day aims to foster synergies between startups and investors from the digital health sector. The Selection Committee, composed by members from relevant VCs, has evaluated all the presented decks and has determined that the startups who will have the opportunity to.

Acció, from Generalitat de Catalunya, holds their Open Innovation Seminar at Barcelona Health Hub

Yesterday in Barcelona Health Hub we had the pleasure to host one of the sessions of the Open Innovation Seminar, organized by Acció –Generalitat de Catalunya-, for people interested in designing, implementing or updating their innovation plans. The program is focused on immediate learning through real cases, current and local cases. In the sessions they.

Soprano Design joins Barcelona Health Hub to enable innovative interactions for digital transformation

Soprano Design, a global leader in cloud-based omnichannel messaging solutions that are used by over 3.400 enterprises and healthcare customers globally, including more than 100 of the Forbes Global 2.000 firms. Since its inception in 1994, Soprano has established regional offices in Barcelona as well as other locations in Europe, North America, South America, New.

#BHHSummit Video – Interviews: Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance

Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, explains Barcelona Health Hub’s project in detail. Don’t miss the first launch of the sequence #BHHSummit Video-Interviews, with the collaboration of Jessica da Massa (WTF Health), the emerging ‘It girl’ of Health Tech interviewing. #BHHSummit was held on 3rd of October at Sant Pau.

Digital Garden by Almirall: The five choosen start-ups that will be based in Barcelona Health Hub

The start-ups share Almirall’s purpose of transforming the patients’ world by helping them and realizing their hopes and dreams for a healthy life, through a focus on digital innovation as a tool to accelerate the delivery of breakthrough solutions for a healthy life. These startups are derma2go, HautAI OU, Intrepid Analytics, AutoDerm and Uvisio. Find more about them here

Digital health leaders will gather on 2nd December at BHH to discuss solutions to successfully adopt innovation

The next 2nd December EHTEL will hold the European Health Telematics Association 2019 Symposium at Barcelona Health Hub headquarters. Digital health leaders will analyze the usual complaints from innovation units: valley of death, lack of adequate procurement processes, insufficient budgets for innovation, among others. In small table discussions TICBioMed and EHTEL most innovative healthcare organisations.

Digital transformation in the insurance industry and Insurance World Challenges 2020, by Luis Badrinas at ElEconomista País Vasco

Don’t miss this special article published by elEconomistaVasco featuring Luis Badrinas, CEO at Community of Insurance and Barcelona Health Hub. In these special pages, he talks about #digitaltrasformation in the #insurance industry and explains the next edition of “Insurance World Challenges (IWC)” event organized by Community of Insurance that will be held at Bilbao on 26th March 2020 at the.