Innovation for Value, the International Conference where Healthcare meets Innovation

The conference took place last Friday at Bellvitge University Hospital and it aimed to analyze the opportunities for innovation and new business based on science among the different ecosystems. From Barcelona Health Hub two of our ambassadors participated, they are Jordi Serrano, Founder & CEO at Universal Doctor, and Frederic Llordachs, CoFounder & Partner at Doctoralia.

The different panels discussed about opportunities for collaboration and synergies among the stakeholders of the healthcare innovation at the international level. It intends to underline the peculiarities of each region -Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the USA-, discussing trends and market uptake.

Both BHH Ambassadors took part in the Panel Session 3 at 13:00 hrs:

Panel Session 3 – Data driven innovation in the Healthcare System

  • Best Practices on Data integration and data-driven Health Research
  • Monetizing mHealth & eHealth apps
  • In-Silico Diagnostics Approaches, How Far Are We?
  • Academic Research Data in Clinical Research.
  • How do we turn data into insight …. and ultimately improved health outcomes?
  • Identity Authentication, Blockchain and Cybersecurity


Doctoralia – Frederic Llordachs i Marques – Cofounder & Partner

Medtronic – Francisco de Paula Rodríguez Perera – Strategy Director

IBM – Juan Carlos Sánchez Rosado – Health Industry Leader

Universal Doctor – Jordi Serrano Pons – Founder & CEO


IDIBELL – Youness Ouahid – Innovation & Business Development


To find more information about the Conference, please click here.