Digital health leaders will gather on 2nd December at BHH to discuss solutions to successfully adopt innovation

The next 2nd December EHTEL will hold the European Health Telematics Association 2019 Symposium at Barcelona Health Hub headquarters. Digital health leaders will analyze the usual complaints from innovation units: valley of death, lack of adequate procurement processes, insufficient budgets for innovation, among others.

In small table discussions TICBioMed and EHTEL most innovative healthcare organisations members will discuss how to make the adoption of healthcare innovation a success, finding out more about digital health constraints and its solutions.

During the EHTEL 2019 Symposium the main goals are to:

  • Learn about the most important challenges which face Europe as it moves forward on the health and care front to 2029.
  • Understand how the digital dimension has grown into a significant game-changer in health and care.
  • Join us to witness the overwhelming role of data in health and care, for example from a service and trust perspective.
  • Debate how to prepare and maintain sustainable AI friendly ecosystems in digital health.


Click here to download the full programme.