Health4Good III Edition -DKV Salud y Bienestar- extends deadline until 10th December

The next 28th of January 2020 it will take place the III Edition of Health4Good, a contest organized by DKV Salud y Bienestar, to attract talent and innovative solutions related to health and technology in Spain. The event and the final pitches will be held at Barcelona Health Hub, at the Sant Pau Art Noveau Site, an innovative location which will boost this marathon of ideas and entrepreneurship joining digital solutions and the health ecosystem.

Health4Good aims to enhance innovation, talent and the development of new ideas in the health sector, that’s why it will be rewarded the most innovative, original or disruptive ideas. The jury will also value the contribution of new solutions that revolutionize the industry and have social impact. It will be payed special attention to fusion, generation of ideas, mixing talents and sharing knowledge and skills on site, during the event, among the selected participants.

Addressed to all those people with curious and restless minds such as students, entrepreneurs, startups (individual professionals or entrepreneurs) and developers who are of legal age. To all those passionate about technology and innovation with new ideas or projects that can be implemented to revolutionize the health sector.

The jury will be composed of members from the organization DKV Salud y Bienestar and also invited experts will assess the submitted nominations. A maximum of 30 participants will be selected, and they will have the opportunity to have 3,000 euros of prize.


To find more information and to register, please click here.

Here you will be able to download the contest bases.