#BHHSummit Video – Interviews: Marta Gaia Zanchi, Founder and Managing Partner at Nina Capital

Marta G. Zanchi, Founder and Managing Partner at Nina Capital, explains what kind of investment fund is Nina Capital, and what is the company trying to accomplish in the healthcare sector. Marta shares her long investor experience with Jessica da Massa (WTF Health), the emerging ‘It girl’ of Health Tech interviewing.

Don’t miss the fourth launch of the sequence #BHHSummit Video-Interviews! In this interesting  conversation, she will speak about their aim to become the first venture capitalist to have a strong focus in the European health market. Nina Capital invest very early, at the seed stage, mostly in software startups but they make exceptions for technologies with connected sensors for patients.

Marta G. Zanchi will be also taking part in the Panel of Investors at BHHInvestorsDay, this week on 12th December.


To watch the interview, please click here.