Ferrer&Ojeda visits Barcelona Health Hub

We had the pleasure to receive the visit of Carmina Homs, CEO at Ferrer&Ojeda and Lluís Ferrer, Chairman at Ferrer&Ojeda, at Barcelona Health Hub headquarters. They wanted to learn more about our global digital health ecosystem, which was founded just one year ago. We are now more than 160 members, and growing.

Ferrer&Ojeda is a family insurance brokerage, generalist and national and with a desire to permanence, formed by the integration of many other brokerages also of a family character and with the same philosophy of enterprise, and long-term vision. Although the origins of Seguros Ojeda and Seguros Ferrer go back more than 120 years, when we talk about Ferrer&Ojeda as an idea and as a project we are talking about the merger of these two hundred business families in 1986 now makes more than 30 years.

Insurance companies are strongly involved in digital transformation, dedicating significant investments in technology and its positioning with new players that are expected to change distribution models, risk management and client experience. At Ferrer&Ojeda in addition to the investments in technologies that they constantly make, they have created a team of people specialized in digital transformation that follow everything that happens in the market and advise them on investments or taking the most appropriate measures.


From left to right: Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance; Carmina Homs, CEO at Ferrer&Ojeda and Lluís Ferrer, Chairman at Ferrer&Ojeda