“Talent does not age” and more life lessons from Luis Badrinas, CEO Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, at Diari Ara

Diari Ara has interviewed Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, as a remarkable talent and entrepreneur in the insurance and digital health sectors. During the conversation we travel throughout his professional career and personal experience. Please see below some of his “life lessons”:

“Talent has not age, however we must encourage learning and take advantage of the experience in diversity”.

“It is necessary to link the young talent that joins the professional market, with the value and knowledge of the most veteran”.

“It is important to have time to think and take your eyes off from day to day. In the current environment of constant change, if you and your team are too close to the ground, it is difficult to see what is coming to be able to anticipate the change”.

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