EU Gimbernat Nursing students visit Barcelona Health Hub

Infermeria EU Gimbernat is a new educational model oriented to integral training of nursery. The University seeks to be recognized as a dynamic and innovative educational institution, with the intention of promoting, as basic instruments for the development and growth of nursing, international relations, research and continuous training.

Their competency-based educational model is oriented to the comprehensive training of Nursing students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This training at a personal and professional level is aimed, through active learning methodologies, to train responsible professionals, autonomous, reflective, with a critical spirit and capable of working as a team.

During their visit, Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub, and Gina Farrús, Marketing and Communication Director at Barcelona Health Hub, did a presentation explaining BHH mission; which is to create a growing healthcare ecosystem and promoting the innovation through the newest technologies. Another goal is to foster synergies between all the entities, such as startups, corporates, pharmas, hospitals, univerisites, insurance companies, and investors. They also presented BHH plans and objectives for 2020.