BHHInvestorsDay’ reviews & photo album are now available!

The first edition of BHHInvestors Day took place the last 12th of December at BHH headquarters, gathering more than 130 attendees from Spain and abroad. We hosted a great panel discussion with the presence of relevant investors, who gave very interesting insights about Investment Trends and Challenges in Digital Health. Also,10 selected startups presented their projects to leading Venture Capital and corporate companies in digital health.

We would like to share a few quotes received from some attendees of the event:


“I want to congratulate you for the event. It was great! We will love to collaborate in future initiatives”.

Oriol Juncosa, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Encomenda Smart Capital


“Congratulations to the BHH Team for the good organization and management of the event, we really enjoyed it and we will await for the next ones”.

Eduard Barroso, Chief Marketing Officer at Lambdaloopers


“It has really been a very pleasant meeting and my warmest and most sincere congratulations to the team for the organization of the event”.

Jose Antonio Jareño, Partner at GlobalFinanz


“Wow, what an event! I left with the batteries on, ideas, and contacts. I can’t ask for more!”

Gabriel Bestard, Founder and CEO at The Collider


“It was a great event! Very professional, structured and with lots of good content and contacts. I look forward to the next one”.

Aleksandar Dimitrov, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at AYO by Novalogy


You will find all the pictures of the BHHInvestors Day at our Flickr account.