DKV inaugurates its new DKV Innolab digital health space at the Barcelona Health Hub with a new edition of Health4Good

DKV Innolab digital health, located at the Barcelona Health Hub within the modernist premises of Sant Pau, is a new innovation space for the insurer.
It is the first centre in the world dedicated exclusively to smart positive health.
The third edition of the Health4Good contest seeks innovative solutions within the health sector.

DKV has presented its new DKV Innolab digital health innovation space. Located within the Barcelona Health Hub, in the modernist premises of Sant Pau, it is a centre created to generate practical knowledge, researching and analysing emerging trends, involving all users, professionals, associations and companies from various fields with the aim of creating solutions with the right partners.

The scope of experience of DKV Innolab digital health is smart positive health that seeks to contribute to the sustainability of the healthcare system. It is the first space in the world dedicated exclusively to developing smart positive health.

The main objective is for Innolab to become a benchmark in this type of healthcare through an innovation model driven by the utility that transforms available knowledge into sustainable value, always through new technologies.
This centre wants to turn the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being into the main engine of balance and sustainability. That will be possible thanks to the creation of new digital solutions that enable the improvement of individual behaviour and of people’s lifestyles.

This new innovation venue has hosted the third edition of Health4Good, a contest aimed at all people with restless minds, such as students, entrepreneurs, professional or individual entrepreneurs with start-ups and / or developers, which seeks to reward the most innovative or disruptive ideas in the healthcare sector. In addition, it investigates so that the new solutions revolutionise the industry and have a social impact.

Participants have been presented in individual or group categories and the proposals are based on 3 strategic challenges focused on accessibility of healthcare at any time and place, ranging from self-care to hospital care, with new technologies enabling this.

DKV’s commitment to digitisation

DKV leads the digitisation of the healthcare sector in Spain by creating a digital health ecosystem that includes, on the one hand, the sale of products through digital channels and, on the other, the development of products and services with very advanced functionalities in telemedicine and digital health. All this improves the relationship with customers, as well as their satisfaction by providing solutions that allow them to access healthcare services in a more agile manner and improves their self-care.

The third edition of Health4Good and the inauguration of DKV Innolab digital health represent two new milestones in the digitisation of the insurance company, which, with the creation of the DKV Digital Business Unit in 2019, has managed to double the sales of the e-commerce channel compared to 2018. Last year, the turnover reached a total of 3 million euros, one million more than in 2018.

Like our environment, the digital ecosystem of DKV is constantly evolving. The app “Quiero cuidarme” (I want to take care of myself), the most downloaded health application in Spain with 300,000 downloads and the app “Quiero cuidarme más” (I want to take better care of myself), are part of this ecosystem, focused on providing self-care tools for DKV customers and offering the possibility of performing health consultations and procedures.

This offers services such as the provision of all patient health data, a diary with appointments with doctors and medical professionals, a coach who helps users maintain healthy lifestyle habits, a digital midwife for post-partum doubts, a Digital Doctor, available 24 hours a day and also access to the Healthy Living Index and practical advice on how to improve it.

DKV is well-established throughout Spain, with an extensive network of health insurance offices and clinics, where nearly 2,000 employees work to provide services to close to 2 million customers.