MedTech Europe call for European digital health solutions for Covid-19 to support the European Commission

MedTech Europe is gathering information about European digital health technologies that address the needs of the Covid-19 crisis. They do this to make it available to the European Commission and to make it available to the public to improve market transparency and accessibility to all European countries.

Fenin and Fenin Catalunya, with the support of Barcelona Health Hub, are supporting the initiative gathering the Spanish and Catalan digital health technologies.

If you have a technology for prevention, monitoring, diagnosing, tracing, (self-)management and others, please send an email to Ignasi Heras at heras.ignasi@gmail.com before Wednesday, April 1st with your company name, product, a brief description of the technology and a hyperlink to your service/company.

A few examples:

  • Telemedicine and telehealth solutions that help healthcare providers and systems manage resources, enable self-management and protect their healthcare workforce.
  • Contact tracing: apps and solutions that help individual, patients or public health officials trace the contacts of an infected patient to enable identifying, informing, testing, treating other people who were in contact.
  • AI solutions to identify, assess, triage patients with the Coronavirus. The EC has expressed interest in AI solutions that scan patients’ lungs and facilitate faster and more accurate triaging of patients.

Is your company engaged in such solutions, or do you know of how they have been deployed in the EU or the Member States? Please contact Ignasi Heras before April 1st.