#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Doctoralia

Doctoralia activated a new online consultation service so that professionals can continue offering their services without putting their health or their patients’ at risk. These online consultations can be done through video calls, phone calls or chat. Patients are able to book an online appointment through Doctoralia. The specialist can provide their own tools or use the ones integrated in the platform.

To improve the remote consultation service, there is a video call tool on the platform. This tool is free for any health professional in Spain for the next three months.

Doctoralia wants to ease the access to health services, avoid unnecessary visits to medical centers or hospitals, and minimize the risk of contagion. Therefore they have an “Ask an Expert” section on their website, where professionals from all specialties can answer questions related to Covid-19 or any other health-related issue.