Join Us on Wed 8th April 5:30pm for the 3rd #BHHSeries: Staying mentally healthy during a pandemic

Join us for the 3rd BHHSeries virtual event on April 8th at 5:30pm: Staying mentally healthy during a pandemic.

This week we will focus on mental health and the importance of staying mentally healthy during this difficult period of time. We will discuss the impact of this extraordinary situation on each of us as well as tools available, from telemedicine to meditation.

Participants: Pablo Pantaleoni from Headspace Inc., Alberto Fantappie from Wemby, Dr. Ricardo Sáinz Fuertes from Psious and Manuel Mas-Baga Blanc from CAT-Barcelona. Moderated by Aline Noizet and powered by Ikou Studio

To access the LIVE virtual event, please click here.