#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Opinno

Times of crisis test our capacity to innovate, develop and unify. This is the idea that gave rise to Beat the Vid, an initiative aiming to bring together the healthcare and innovation ecosystem in order to provide a response not only to the current challenges arising from the coronavirus emergency state, but also to anticipate future epidemic threats.

The aim of the initiative is to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on the lives of all citizens, while helping the healthcare system return to normal as soon as possible.

Beat the Vid was born with a mission to help organize and analyze initiatives so that they can be redirected to the most appropriate steakholders. To support the implementation of the various projects, in addition to Opinno as an innovation leader, Beat the Vid has been launched with the support of several partners that have been key to articulating the initiative: global pharmaceutical company Novartis, insurance company Grupo Catalana Occidente and MIT Technology Review in Spanish as media partner.

In addition, the initiative aims to actively involve other companies, public institutions and hospitals to ensure that all potential challenges are covered in the projects developed. These allies within the healthcare sector are essential to help validate the challenges and solutions that the ecosystem is presenting.

Beat The Vid is looking for any start-up, company, R&D center, university, or entrepreneur. The only requirement is that they can respond to a challenge in the short to medium term. With this premise, Beat The Vid calls for all collaborators who can provide solutions to the challenges presented and together achieve the well-being of the community. Similarly, the initiative is also open to new partners or collaborators who can bring value to the platform and support this collective effort.