#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – AdSalutem Institute

In order to adapt to the current situation, as of June 15, AdSalutem Institute incorporates in its portfolio of diagnostic tests the Ambulatory Polysomnography with the option of care at home.

There are several indications for patients who are suitable for this kind of diagnostic test. This includes, for example, suspected SAHS without insufficiently controlled respiratory, cardiovascular or metabolic comorbidities. Also in case of patients with insomnia who do not respond to usual treatments and who do not present relevant cognitive problems or uncontrolled psychiatric disorders. Also pediatric patients over 4 years old with suspected SAHS could qualify for this kind of test.

Once the suitability of the test is assessed by a specialist of the AdSalutem Institute, they will go to the patient’s home to perform the assembly of the equipment neccesary for the Ambulatory Polysomnography.