20 Spanish healthtech companies to watch according to Sifted

Sifted, a platform committed to supporting the European tech community, has published an interesting ranking of the healthtech industry. It states that the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem boasts a high quality of healthtech startups, ranging from drug discovery to novel virtual reality therapies.

Among the 20 Spanish healthtech companies you should watch are various members of Barcelona Health Hub:

  • DyCare is a digital rehabilitation platform that allows sufferers of musculoskeletal problems to follow a recovery programme remotely.
  • Elma Care’s app that combines comprehensive health insurance with remote medical consultations.
  • Genomcore develops a genome sequencing platform, which allows users to access and securely store their genetic information.
  • HumanITcare is a remote telemedicine platform that analyses health data from internet of things technologies like smartwatches and smart scales.
  • Iomed uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyse millions of data points from medical records, with the aim of informing and accelerating clinical research.
  • Mediktor is an artificial intelligence-powered symptom-checker startup.
  • Mediquo provides an app that allows doctors to communicate with patients remotely, and access medical data, securely without sharing private contact details.
  • Psious is a virtual reality platform that boasts more than 70 experiences that are designed to treat a wide range of psychological disorders such as acrophobia (fear of heights), agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), aerophobia (fear of flying) and lots more.

If you are interested, read more about it in the ful article here.