How Psious helps to treat Coronavirus-related stress and anxiety

According to an article by Forbes, the coronavirus has had a massive impact on the world’s mental health. Aside from the physical harm Covid-19 can cause, the fear of catching the virus and the isolation of lockdown has taken an inevitable toll on the general collective mental wellbeing.

The article describes how VR and AR are used for anxiety relief. It states the effectiveness of VR in treating mental health disorders. Therefore it should be no suprise that BHH member Psious is featured here.

Psious has developed an all-in-one virtual reality platform for therapists and mental health professionals to treat anxiety disorders through exposure therapy. It provides over 70 virtual environments covering a variety of disorders, from social anxiety to a fear of heights and eating disorders. In the context of the coronavirus, it also offers a number of environments related to mindfulness, relaxation and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Read more about in the Forbes’ article here.