BHH member Fagron offers Covid-19 tests

Barcelona Health Hub’s member Fagron Ibérica offers Covid-19 tests.

The serological test detects our immune response against the pathogen while it is responding or has at some point responded to this infection. Through a sample of blood or serum the test detects the antibodies produced by the body, ie antibodies capable of eliminating the virus, specifically IgM (immonoglobulin M) and IgG (immoglobulin G). The detection of these antibodies through this method is fast and simple, since in no more than 15 minutes very important results are obtained at an epidemiological level.

Fagron offers the serological tests IgG and IgM, and from next week they will also have available the antigen test with instant results. Fagron advises to perform both tests together, as this way you will know if you are in the process of infection (antigen) or if you have previously passed the infection (IgM and IgG).

For more information about the tests and to contact Fagron directly, please see here.