#YoPacienteDigital Interview with AXA Partners Spain

Tell us who you are and your relationship to telemedicine?

I’m Marta Hernández, Commercial Director of Health, Home and Motor Assistance Services at AXA Partners Spain, offering a wide range of assistance & services solutions. As an entity of AXA Group, AXA Partners benefits from the entire innovation ecosystem of the Group, providing the services layer and distributing our value offer mainly through B2B channels. We are the service partner for large companies (among which are IBEX 35 companies) from different economic sectors, to which we offer our solutions for both their end customers and their employees.

At AXA Partners, from the health area, we have a long relationship with telemedicine that has strengthened in recent years by the hand of our Health Manager Charlotte Canning. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the digital health market is key for our business. We have extensive experience in offering not only remote healthcare and teleprescription, but also social-healthcare services at home. All this in a personalized way and offered by the best experts since we have our own medical Hub.

Why did you decide to support the #YoPacienteDigital project? How will this study impact your company?

In recent months, the pandemic crisis of Covid-19 and its impact on both public and private health systems, and on society in general, as well as the need for social distancing, have shown that it is essential to take a step more towards digitalization and making online care easier for people. This has led to an acceleration of technology adoption, processes and services in general especially when it comes to digital health.

Therefore, supporting an analysis of the situation, as the #YoPacienteDigital project supposes, is essential for all the actors that take part in the health ecosystem to work on new proposals and solutions that bring health closer to people. The results of this study on the virtual health consultation and its benefits for the health system will help us to better understand and know what context we are in and in which direction we must continue working to respond to the needs of a patient that each time is more digital.

How are you using telemedicine in your company?

At AXA Partners we have been providing telemedicine services for several years aiming to bring health closer to people. We have adapted our solutions according to society’s needs, which asked for more accessible and closer health services. In this way, we have evolved towards teleconsultation and e-prescription, hand in hand with technology and innovation that currently allow patient monitoring.

If something differentiates us when offering these services is maintaining the human as core of the digital concept. Behind the technology, there is always a medical professional, who gives personalized treatment anywhere and anytime. We believe in the idea that the future lies in the use of technology, but without neglecting the “more human” answer.

Doctor-Clic is our telemedicine platform, which connects our specialized Medical Hub with people, to offer individualized healthcare solutions.

What is a digital patient for you?

The concept of “digital patient” or “digital client” will disappear over time as the user will tend to not find great differences between the assistance received regardless of the channel they use. A user will be considered a “digital patient” or “face to face patient” according to the moment of their life or their needs in a given circumstance. Therefore, I think that the possible differences between digital and face-to-face patients are fading. A clear example is the reduction of the digital age gap, since the current situation has led to a broadening of the “digitized” age range. The pandemic and its exceptional circumstances have resulted in a push for medical digitalization across all client / patient profiles.

Why is it important for insurance companies to digitalize their services? What are the challenges?

In general, digitalization is essential as it allows services to be brought closer to people, in this specific case, it facilitates patient access to the health system, either private or public.

For AXA Partners, as a service & assistance company in which we serve our partners’ end customers directly, digitalization must always revert to a direct benefit for people in terms of agility, comfort, quality, speed and efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for people to live a better life, to make their day-to-day easier by protecting them and minimizing risks, and technological innovation is a great ally to achieve this. Before tackling a new project we always ask ourselves if it will have value for our clients, and if this value will be perceived as such by them. If the answers are affirmative, it’s launched. This is the main challenge, in this transforming maelstrom, knowing how to prioritize those projects that have benefits for the end customer and this can only be achieved by keeping the customer at the centre of the innovation strategy.

You are offering Doctor Clic to your clients. How do you see this service evolving in the future?

Doctor Clic is part of our commitment to innovate, specifically in digital health. We bring together a specialized Medical Hub, with our experience, to offer individualized health solutions. Doctor Clic is constantly evolving, we have recently incorporated teleprescription via QR and we always value automation projects & AI in routine processes such as triage, to facilitate our professionals work and improve the customer experience, but never to the detriment of humane treatment. Our professional’s dedication and empathy with the patient are the fundamental pillar of the quality of our services.

Where do you think the E-Health sector can evolve?

There is a lot of room for evolution in this sector, but without a doubt, an increasingly common trend will be to incorporate transversal and complementary health services. In this sense, at AXA Partners we have a great capacity to increase the added value of our telemedicine offer, with related services focused on improving people’s lives. Without going any further, today we are already offering support and medical assistance, both physical and remote, during trips abroad and we have the ability to drive patients to physical centres or even facilitate repatriation to the country of origin if necessary. We also have an entire legal advice department that can help the patient in certain circumstances, in addition of course to offer medical or social health services on demand through our marketplace Healthkeeper. All these services, combined with telemedicine, provide the client with a 360º protection experience that goes far beyond the essentials.