Check out the panel discussions during the #BHHSummit!

During the #BHHSummit on Thursday October 29, we have four different panel discussions. Don’t miss them! If you didn´t book your ticket yet, then you can reserve your seat here!

The first panel discussion at 9:40 hrs will discuss “How Can Technologies Help Tackle Covid-19?”.

Many technological solutions have been used worldwide those past months to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic whether to detect the 1st symptoms, track the virus, carry out tests or support the population in accessing and receiving healthcare or living through this unprecedented time. In this session, we will discuss the role played by technology those past months, the regulatory and privacy challenges associated as well as the consequences on the global healthcare systems and citizens looking at the future.

The second panel discussion at 12:25 hrs will discuss “Digital Therapeutics – The new drugs?”.

Backed by clinical trials, DTx are proving to be effective therapeutic solutions, used either on their own or coupled with drugs. They can collect large amounts of Real World Data, useful to develop or personalize drugs and treatments. They enable to serve more patients, at a lower cost, from anywhere, 24/7… which resulted useful in the pandemic and reinforced even more the value of DTx for the healthcare systems. Where are we in terms of implementation? What does a successful partnership look like for a DTx company? What can we learn from the German regulation and how can we make it happen in other countries?

The third panel discussion at 15:00 hrs will discuss “How did we ever live without telemedicine?”.

Telemedicine is not new and has been around for decades without being fully adopted by patients nor healthcare professionals. But things changed those past months! Telemedicine became the privileged access to the healthcare system, forcing people into trying … and adopting it. Are we finally reaching the golden age of digital health and telemedicine in particular? What will the future look like? What new opportunities will emerge to bring healthcare to the patients even more? Where are we in terms of regulation and reimbursement?

The fourth panel discussion at 16:15 hrs will discuss “State of investment in digital health”.

We just closed Q3 and total funding in digital health is already higher than last year. 2020 is set to be a record year in digital health funding. Although the investment world held its breath for a short while at the beginning of the unexpected and unprecedented global pandemic, investment didn’t stop, quite the reverse, seeing the creation of new funds and the 1st deals happening fully remotely. Where do we stand right now? What will the end of the year and the coming years look like? What are digital health investors more interested in? Are investment rules changing? What should entrepreneurs looking to raise money be aware of?

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