Terranian signs agreement with Barcelona Health Hub

Terranian is a cosmetic company born to change the way of making cosmetics. It was looking for a place to develop its business and it fell in love with Barcelona Health Hub and its commitment with digital health.

In the words of Aleix Cuenca, founder of Terranian: “Digital Health is the future. We need to bond with costumers in a different way because we are living in a non-stop changing world. Not only companies need to go digital but also build products with soul.” For this reason, Terranian manufactures its own products under the concept of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

With a strong social commitment, it employs those people that society excludes, and it donates part of the profits to local NGOs of public utility. The handling, storage and shipping chain is carried out through foundations with people at risk of social exclusion and functional diversity. Thanks to the most advanced technology in dermocosmetics, Terranian formulates with active ingredients of high biological activity to take care of the skin.

Barcelona Health Hub welcomes Terranian to our ecosystem!