Specialization course on Quality for Big Data in Life Sciences

Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Aizon teamed up to provide a specialization course designed to implement quality systems in regulated environments of Life Sciences, where the use of Big Data, advanced data analytics and predictive models is required.

There is a gap between current technology and good practices applied to health, biotech and pharmaceutical activities. The Data Integrity guidance, for instance, establish how the data should be managed in regulated environments, but there are no updated guidelines on how to manage information when it comes to Big Data. In addition to the basic Big Data dimensions of Volume, Velocity and Variety, there is a need to add Veracity and Validity to optimally ensure the quality of the data for regulated frameworks and understand the specific connotations when applied in Life Sciences.

The course addresses the lack of trained professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, clinical research centres and environments in medical advances when the quality of data must be guaranteed. By providing the necessary tools and methodology to evaluate, implement and maintain Data Science technologies in regulated environments.

The course is taught on site and online, and 60% is in Catalan and 40% in Spanish. For more information about the course, please see here.