DKV and startup Nubentos sign an agreement to push forward Digital Health

DKV has signed with the startup Nubentos, an agreement by which both companies join forces to boost the adoption of Digital Health.

Continuing with its strategy of leading the digitalization of healthcare from the insurance sector, DKV is committed to the strategic innovation provided by Nubentos. The agreement signed has a double scope. On the one hand, DKV launches its strategy of opening up its innovative solutions to the market, to facilitate their integration into any healthcare software through the Nubentos Digital Health API marketplace platform.

On the other hand, DKV becomes an early adopter of the Nubentos platform, which in 2021 introduces an important new feature of great impact in the sector: they will publish standard HL7® FHIR® interfaces for the Digital Health solutions published in their marketplace. With this innovation, valued by DKV as having an enormous impact, healthcare institutions will be able to integrate Digital Heath innovations only once, leaving the provider side in the hands of Nubentos. Thus, any change in the provider will not require a new development effort, with the consequent savings in time and costs.

“It does not make sense for a company to have to repeat a whole integration project when it changes providers, when the innovative solution it puts in the hands of its professionals and patients is the same. There are more and more advanced solutions for Healthcare, often around the same problem (chronicity, early detection of diseases, etc), and at Nubentos we want to make it as easy as possible for the whole sector to adopt these solutions,” reports from the Cadiz-based startup its CEO and co-founder, Manuel Morales.

Anna Echegaray, head of Open Innovation and Business Development at DKV, appreciates the agreement stating that “if we want to be agile and competitive in the market we need to open up to third parties. We believe that Nubentos is the ideal partner to help us discover APIs that add value to our customers and facilitate integration.”