PreveMama won the V Virtual Health Hackathon in the category Growth: Novartis Challenges in Effective Clinical Communication

PreveMama, the app which detects the risk of breast cancer, won the V Virtual Health Hackathon in the category Growth: Novartis Challenges in Effective Clinical Communication.

The project PreveMama was born thanks to the collaboration between BHH member GooApps®, the company specialized in the development of health mobile applications, and Research Institute of Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS). The team is formed by medical specialist in breast radiology Dr. Teresa Presa Abós, Dr. Miguel Chiva de Agustín and Dr. Irene Vicente Zapata, and engineers from GooApps®: Lukas Kosnar and Pablo Reguera.

The objective of this mobile application is to decrease the fear of women and increase the recognition of the screening programme to prevent breast cancer. Women with doubt about When and How to begin with the screening can answer a simple questionnaire and get the result of the Risk Index immediately and recommendations to take the next steps. 

The algorithm of the application is following the latest diagnostic standards of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology. The patient needs to introduce those data: the age, weight and height, the age of first period, if the woman previously received any radiotherapy session, also she had pregnancies, if she is found in menopause and family history or hormone treatments. All this data is always treated with high levels of confidentiality.

“The goal of this mobile application is to be intuitive, easy to use, safe and that will be accepted by the patients and healthcare personnel. This will allow us to create scalable solutions with focus on other diseases as well as on the integration of new features such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”

In the future, the intention of the experts is to make a perfect tool which will allow the doctors to work more effectively and improve the levels of outcomes. Especially in the current situation, when medical visits are very limited and patients don’t have access to professionals on time. Increasing the knowledge about preventive screening programs against the cancer of breast increases the chances to successfully treat this disease. With this mobile application all patients will get proper information which steps to take incase they need to undergo any examination.

The App is in the development phase and physicians from University Hospital Ramón y Cajal and responsible engineers from GooApps® hope that the project will be done soon with the support of the pharmaceutical company Novartis. All women will be able to download the application from virtual stores such as Google or Apple very soon. Finish the uncertainty with only one click!