Almirall’s acceleration program Digital Garden selects six new digital health startups

Almirall‘s acceleration program, Digital Garden, has selected six new companies that it will accelerate next year. The Barcelona-based pharmaceutical company has sought out digital health startups whose services can improve the care of patients with dermatological problems in order to boost their growth.

The startups that will be part of the project are AI Derm, a diagnostic tool with artificial intelligence; Ampersand, which analyzes data to improve patient self-care with “digital therapies”; Legit, a device that helps doctors diagnose and analyze images; Patch AI, an “empathic conversational agent”; Tryl, a platform that speeds up clinical trials; and Vila Health, aimed at improving mental well-being with interactive conversations.

This year’s six winners will enter a nine-month acceleration program and they receive financial assistance that will be determined by an analysis of their situation and achievements. But beyond the investment, the project will also intervene in the business strategy. This is done from the headquarters of Barcelona Health Hub. In the Digital Garden, the best experts from Almirall will provide training and advice to entrepreneurs so they can advance their business initiatives.