Community of Insurance launches report “2021: Perspectives of the insurance sector”

Community of Insurance has launched the report “2021: perspectives of the insurance sector“. More than 60 managers from insurance companies participate in this report. Among the writers are not only Carlos Biurrun, President at Community of Insurance, but also Luis Badrinas, CEO at Community of Insurance and Barcelona Health Hub.

The main conclusions of the report include:

  • Digitalisation, attracting and retaining talent, and cyber security are the three priorities for insurance managers for the next two years.
  • 93% consider that Insurtech solutions are completely necessary for all or some processes.
  • Insurance is a tax on the society and the economy it serves and it mutates to adapt to these.
  • 75% of the insurance companies offer their clients the medical teleconsulting service.
  • The report includes other significant data, such as the fact that 66% of companies incorporate digital signatures in their documents.

If you want to read more, you can download the report here.