Digital health IoT MoviWear offers life saving solutions for long term care homes and hospitals amid rising Covid-19 concerns

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus an acute need to examine and leverage our digital health infrastructure for remote patient monitoring. BHH member MoviWear is a medical platform that allows 24/7 virtual patient monitoring through wearable devices connected to cloud-based APP platforms. Jacob Moshinsky, founder of MoviWear, is pleased to share that they have be exhibiting at this year’s all-digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Throughout the pandemic there have been growing concerns around understaffed facilities, hallway health care, frontline workers being in direct contact with COVID-19 and lack of equipment. Aptly timed, MoviWear is proud to introduce a product that will address many of these issues and ultimately save lives. The Infinity IoT Box is a device that can either be placed near an individual who is being monitored or worn as a pendant. It has the ability to read multiple vital-sign devices simultaneously via Bluetooth, which eliminates the need for wires. Data is recorded in real time and stored in the MoviWearMed APP allowing instant access to caregivers. Changes in overall health such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature or oxygen will immediately alert the caregiver.

MoviWear also offers the 5G NurtureWatch, a wearable device option that functions the same as the IoT Infinity box. Both IoT devices include a SIM card and an LTE connection, allowing voice phone calls and data transmission of additional safety features such as AI fall alerts, location history
/ detection and SOS alerts. MoviWear’s innovative digital health approach allows caregivers to monitor individuals remotely and safely so that care is not compromised when understaffed or overwhelmed in crisis. It also allows caregivers to prioritize attentive care based on monitoring real-time vitals while providing safe care from a distance without neglect. Doctors, retirement homes, telemedicine platforms & PSW agencies have implemented MoviWear services to offer the best virtual medical care available.