HumanITcare organizes webinar: “New era of digital health: Experiences and results”

BHH member HumanITcare organizes the webinar “New era of digital health: Experiences and results” on January 27 at 6pm CET. The new era of digital health has already begun. This pandemic has caused changes in the system and accelerated others, but what changes are taking place? Where will this new era take us?

This webinar is going to debate the experiences and results that the healthcare sector has had so far in relation to telemedicine. They will also discuss, based on these experiences, the future of the sector and the role telemedicine is going to have in the future.

The experts on the panel exists of Cristina Bescos, Managing Director at EIT Health, Ricardo Castrillo, General Director at Ferrer Spain and Dr Sanz, Cardiologist at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. They will talk about their experience, vision and the role played by technology in the present day digital health.

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