Did you see the article of Luis Badrinas about 9 key ideas for insurance change in times of pandemics?

Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, has recently published an interesting article about the 9 key ideas for insurance change in times of pandemics.

Luis discusses the report “2021 Insurance Sector Outlook” and stated that some conclusions and reflections emerge from this report. According to Luis, nothing will ever be the same as it was before the Covid-19 crisis. Although we might have thought in March 2020 that the situation was temporal, it has been clearly shown that this is not the case.

Fortunately, the insurance sector is better able than other sectors to measure its own risks than other sectors. This is precisely because of its good management of resources and long-term commitments and its risk management skills.

Luis also states that the changes that are coming in the insurance market, driven by digital transformation, mean a closer approach and knowledge of customers, the incorporation of new business models, and new ways of working. Insurance will be more innovative, more transparent and more accountable.

Curious what else Luis has discussed? Read the full article here!