Barcelona Health Hub is recognized as one of the top digital health organizations

It’s well known that cooperation is the key to success. Whether you want to keep up with peer professionals, stay up to date on the latest developments, establish new partnerships, or pitch your solution: joining one of the industry associations can be very beneficial. According to about Digital Health, a website that keeps you updated on digital transformation in healthcare, Barcelona Health Hub is listed as one of the top digital health organizations.

In just two years, Barcelona Health Hub has grown to be a leading organization in digital health, promoting innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector. With more that 250 proud members, Barcelona Health Hub is linking startups, health organizations, companies and investors to accelerate digital transformation in the health sector.

Although due to the pandemic face-to-face events are currently not an option, Barcelona Health Hub has adapted well and is organizing online events for its members. Every month, you can enjoy an episode of the #BHHSeries, which are live webinars about a relevan topic of digital health. Did you miss some of them? Now worries, you can still watch them all here! Also, don’t miss the #BHHSummit, the leading event in digital health, taking place every October. It provides an excellent opportunity to network with your peers, to showcase yourself and to find interesting business partners.

Since there is much interest in the digital health opportunities and initiatives in Latin America as well, Barcelona Health Hub decided to organize a Spanish version of the event. The #BHHSummit Iberoamérica will take place this April 15 and aims to strengthen ties with the digital health ecosystems of the Latin American countries. Registration just opened, so get your ticket here!

Also, Barcelona Health Hub is working hard to in the long run create the optimal environment for digital health companies. Therefore it conducted the #YoPacienteDigital project: the study of the virtual health consultation and its benefits for the healthcare system. The study was promoted and sponsored by Barcelona Health Hub, and its theoretical report has been led by Esade through its Institute for Healthcare Management.

The #YoPacienteDigital project includes an academic, scientific, legal and social analysis of the situation and it proposes international success stories and proposals to improve the Spanish healthcare system through telemedicine. 50 entities, including corporations, startups, hospitals, health institutions, universities and other relevant institutions, have joined the #YoPacienteDigital project already. The report is available for free in English and in Spanish here.

In short: if you are working the digital health ecosystem, you shouldn’t miss  Barcelona Health Hub! Aren’t you a member yet? Don’t hesitate longer and contact us!