PRESS RELEASE – Launch of the Barcelona Health Hub 5G Design: a 5G lab in the field of health

Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​through the 5G Barcelona initiative, together with MÁSMÓVIL, i2CAT and Barcelona Health Hub, launched the Barcelona Health Hub 5G Design, a space focused on the co-creation of eHealth solutions based on 5G technology and its services.

Barcelona Health Hub 5G Design, located in the Sant Manel Pavilion of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, will be a meeting point for companies, entities and organisations around 5G technology to respond to the challenges and needs of verticals in the healthcare sector, as well as to promote the use of 5G technology within this sector. The objective of the project is co-creation, assessing technological challenges within the healthcare sector to improve existing services and applications and promoting the creation of new applications and services in a collaborative way.

The lab is a space to design, develop and implement different pilots and concept testing. The mission of the Barcelona Health Hub 5G Design is to offer a cross-cutting vision of the use cases of the healthcare sector, through brainstorming sessions, training, workshops and sessions with experts and to become an international benchmark in digital health, positioning Barcelona as a world centre par excellence.

Eduard Martín, CEO of 5G Barcelona and CIO and Director of 5G at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​emphasises that “at this time of health crisis, it is more important than ever to promote initiatives that allow for faster progress, and the conjunction of technology and 5G has already proved that it can be decisive and it may be even more so in the future, we must all work together to achieve it”.

“At the MÁSMÓVIL Group, we are committed to the development of practical uses of 5G technology that enable us to improve the well-being of our customers and of society in general. With this experience we hope to continue offering and developing quality telemedicine services that are accessible to everyone”, said José Jiménez, Director of Innovation and Strategic Projects at the MÁSMÓVIL Group.

Dr. Sergi Figuerola, CTIO of the i2CAT Foundation and CTO of 5G Barcelona, ​​affirms that “the goal is to accelerate the technological innovation facilitated by 5G, which is particularly necessary to address the critical situation facing the healthcare sector. Barcelona Health Hub 5G Design was created to respond to the technological challenges identified by its members, thanks to the enhancement and application of knowledge in 5G technology”.

Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub & Community of Insurance, confirms that “the implementation of 5G has always been one of our strategic objectives and fits perfectly into our roadmap to take healthcare to the next level and to have a real impact on healthcare systems”.

Ms. Aline Noizet, Chief International Officer at Barcelona Health Hub, states that “with this laboratory, our members will be able to test and implement 5G technology in their products and solutions, and that will help accelerate the digitisation of healthcare. We have many companies working on telemedicine solutions, solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc., and these are the kinds of technologies that will benefit greatly from 5G”.

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