Next #BHHSeries about “Hospital Platforms & Apps for Surgical Patients” on June 17

Join us for the next #BHHSeries online event organized in collaboration with B. Braun on Thursday June 17th at 6pm CET!

Care is not limited to the hospital settings or the actual surgical intervention anymore. More attention is drawn to the patient and making his journey as smooth as possible as well as increasing the communication and the interaction between the patient and its care team. This also applies to surgical patients.

In this new episode, organized in collaboration with B. Braun, we will talk about surgical processes’ challenges and patient empowerment, using the case study of ForPatientApp, a multi therapy platform for hospitals and an App for patients to stay connected before and after surgery.

With a panel of experts, including representatives from 2 hospitals in Germany and Spain, who have been piloting the Platform and the app, we will discuss the value and benefits of such digital solutions for the different actors in the care team: the patient himself, her family, the healthcare professionals and the hospital. Moderator Aline Noizet, Chief International Officer at Barcelona Health Hub, will talk with:

Mark your agenda now and make sure you tune in for this episode of the #BHHSeries! We hope to see you on Thursday June 17th at 6pm CET here.

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