Apply for the European Patient Digital Health Awards – #BHHMembersInitiatives

MSD launched the first European Patient Digital Health Awards with Digital Health Academy as a strategic initiative to recognize innovation from a patient perspective and applaud solutions that improve quality of life.

European Patient Digital Health Awards are aimed at discovering and recognising the best digital health solutions that improve care  and quality of life for patients and their caregivers. Innovators across Europe are invited to submit their projects and solutions on innovations in digital health. The competition is open to individuals, start-ups, IT companies, patient associations, HCPs, scientific foundations, universities, educational institutions, and services companies located in Europe.

The award categories are:

  • Digital Prevention and Diagnostics, Mental Health, and Social Support
  • New Ways to Interact with Healthcare Teams and Providers
  • Disease Monitoring and Therapeutics
  • Returning to Care (in the context of COVID)

Projects can include apps, telemedicine platforms,  AI, VR/AR, IoT products, wearables and DTx solutions. The winners will be announced during the virtual European PDHA 2021 Award Ceremony on September 23, 2021.

Applications are open until 25 July 2021. More info is available here!