4YFN 2021 - Barcelona Health Hub Mainstage Presentation

4YFN 2021 – Barcelona Health Hub Mainstage Presentation

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Aline. I’m the chief international officer of the Barcelona Health Hub. it’s my pleasure to be here with you this afternoon to tell you more about the Barcelona Health Hub startup ecosystem and to present some of our startups

Barcelona Health Hub, we are 100 percent healthcare ecosystem focused on health and innovation-based here in Barcelona with international projection.

First, our president will tell you more about Barcelona Health Hub and our strategic expansion plan, and what we will be doing, and then the startups will then present their solution for four minutes. There won’t be Q&A, so if you want to ask them some questions, grab them when they leave the stage or look for them on the app. You can find us at our booth – Barcelona Health Hub.

So without further ado, our president, Cristian Pascual, will tell you more about Barcelona Health Hub.

Thank you, Aline. The Barcelona Health Hub – it’s the place to be if you want to innovate in digital health. To explain about Barcelona Health Hub – we are a non-profit organization. We want to generate innovation through IT and bring it to the healthcare practice. This is our objective. We support startups. We support you. We want to help you to reach clients practicing healthcare and foster interactions within the ecosystem.

We are based in a unique location. It’s San Pau modernist venue. It’s a UNESCO Heritage site. If you have never been, please visit us. You will enjoy the visit. We are surrounded by one big hospital, the research center at the medical university.

It’s a great ecosystem to innovate in healthcare. There are already 263 companies in the association; 163 of them are startups. But, we also have 35 corporations, mainly health insurance companies and pharma companies, in the association. Also, investors, of course. 10 investors are in the association and 55 institutions. This is the ecosystem that you will be able to interact with when you join Barcelona Health Hub.

Barcelona Health Hub has been growing, and our target is to be over 300 members by the end of the year. We want to become the largest digital health hub in Europe and a top digital health hub globally. This is our goal. We believe that we have the potential to play a significant role as one of the main digital hubs in the world, and to do so, we have a plan.

We have a strategy where we want to foster technology transference. We want to help all the innovation that is here to reach the practice of medicine. That’s a tough thing. We need validation. We need to reach the hospitals and insurance companies and these big players in the industry, and we need your help in this endeavor. We want to promote digital health knowledge to become a center of reference for the new rules that we need to change to make things happen. We also want to incubate startups. Startups can have a place in our building; they can join the econ system in Barcelona Health Hub. Since the beginning, we have had a global reach. We want to play a role in the world. Not just a local role but a global role. We have an international projection.

Here is a short video further explaining our mission.

Barcelona Health Hub is a non-profit association to promote digital health innovation and its transfer to the medical practice. We are ready the largest digital health hub in Europe, but we can continue to grow and consolidate our position as a top global hub. For this reason, we present the key points of our strategy.

  • The Hospital San Pau aims to provide an environment to validate the solutions and technologies that will shape the hospital of the future.
  • We believe it is essential to create a benchmark training center in digital health technologies and knowledge.
  • We want to create synergies and collaborations between the different actors of the healthcare ecosystem.
  • We consider it important to establish an incubator to help create and promote innovation initiatives that will lead to solutions for our health system.
  • One of our main pillars is to attract venture capitalists, both national and international, to all the digital health projects that are being developed in the hub ecosystem.
  • It’s a great opportunity to convert new spaces within the actual site to expand those dedicated to innovation in digital health.
  • We will consolidate our position as a relevant communication channel and opinion leader in digital health.
  • We create and provide the technology needed to transform the digital health sector.

It will be wonderful to create a health innovation center dedicated to technology transfer to clinical practice. We promote innovation in the medical community; that is why we support the Barcelona Health Hub. We will increase the hub’s connection with other Spanish regions with other countries and continents in this mission.

Now, more than ever, healthcare systems face major challenges. Our mission is to support these innovations to bring them to the patient. this results in a more scalable, inclusive, and personalized health care

Contact us, and let’s start collaborating. If you are innovating in digital health, please join us. We’ll help you to achieve your goals.

Thank you very much

4YFN 2021 – Barcelona Health Hub Mainstage Presentation