BHH Startups - Gloria Digital Transformation SaaS for Life Sciences

BHH Startups – Gloria Digital Transformation SaaS for Life Sciences

Barcelona Health Hub was present during the Mobile World Congress 2021 at 4YFN, the startup business platform. Federico Baguear of  Gloria presented the company. Watch his pitch here!

Gloria is a unified customer data and business process platform built specifically for the life science industry.

Hi everybody. My name is Federico. I am the CEO of Gloria. We provide a software-as-a-service digital transformation platform just for life science companies.

Healthcare is a complex scenario where many different actors come into play – patients, doctors, healthcare organizations, and many different providers. For example, have you been in a doctor consultation or asked for a recommendation from a pharmacist in the last month? But, do you understand how complex the decision-making process is that lies behind that recommendation?

COVID has accelerated the digitalization of healthcare and changed consumer behavior of this value chain. As a result, we are at a digital inflection point in a trillion euro industry.

So, let’s focus on life science companies. Traditionally, they have deployed tremendous resources in research and development while maintaining a traditional commercial model. Usually, this involves large sales presentations and on-site visits. But, what is most important is that this commercial model is no longer sustainable.


Due to the high costs associated with non-data-driven decisions. This is not suitable for the new digital empowered customer. Well-known consulting firms indicate that commercial models in life science companies must shift towards a new personalized and digital approach. That’s why we have created Gloria – a software-as-a-service digital transformation platform specifically for life science companies.

Our unique value proposition consists of three pillars –

  • A customer portal.
  • A self-service and intelligent data platform that allows the tracking of in-person and digital interactions with the customer.
  • And most importantly, a data architecture that uses artificial intelligence algorithms for decision-making processes.

Our competitors were well prepared for the first wave of digitalization, but our solution really transforms life science companies into real customer-centric ones.

How attractive is this market in terms of revenues?

Digital transformation in the life science sector is estimated as a 17 billion euro market. However, this only represents just the platforms related to marketing sales in life science companies. Therefore, we aim to capture a percentage of that market.

We are moving fast. We incorporated the company four months ago. We secured a seed round investment of 120.000 euros. We are part of Ascelera Pyme and the Barcelona Health Hub. We have secured two big customers – one is Royal Canyon, and the other is a medical device company from Latin America.

In summary, life science companies are facing a big challenge – they must shift their commercial models. In response, we have developed a software-as-a-service specifically designed for life science companies that involves pharma, medical devices, biotech, and medical equipment companies.

Gloria is transforming how these companies can engage with their customers.

Thank you very much.

BHH Startups – Gloria Digital Transformation SaaS for Life Sciences