BHH Startups - Cureety Remote Monitoring for Cancer Patients

BHH Startups – Cureety Remote Monitoring for Cancer Patients

During the Mobile World Congress 2021, Barcelona Health Hub was present at 4YFN, the startup business platform, together with François-Guirec Champoiseau of Cureety.

Cureety provides healthcare facilities, academic research groups, and pharmaceutical industrials with a best-in-class digital health platform and services to improve the follow-up and care of cancer patients while fostering research programs in real-world conditions on innovative therapies.

Using Cureety, patients can share information about their symptoms, quality of life, and therapeutic adherence with their city and hospital caregivers, while also accessing digital supportive care services.

Cureety is a remote monitoring platform that improves the everyday care of patients who have cancer.

In Europe, 13 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, which is expected to grow to over 20 million by 2030.

Cancer is the disease of the century, and this is very lonely for patients who suffer from it. Patients often feel isolated and anxious in a health care system where doctors and nurses don’t have the time and resources to monitor patients as closely as they would like.

Patients will encounter adverse events that significantly impact their quality of life without necessarily being able to differentiate between what’s severe and what’s not.

Every year, the number of innovative cancer drugs coming to market continues to increase at an ever-faster pace. These drugs are tested during clinical trials on a number of carefully selected patients. However, we have limited knowledge on how to assess their impact on the wider population. Health authorities need to understand how efficient these drugs are in real-life conditions and assess the burden of the patients’ disease, especially the impact on their quality of life on their symptomatology under therapeutic adherence acurity.

Our mission is to improve the everyday care of patients having cancer and help assess innovative therapies in real-life conditions. to achieve this ambition; we have developed a remote monitoring platform that is providing real value to its daily users, patients and caregivers, enabling us to collect scientific grade data seamlessly directly to patients and consistently over time for patients.

Our platform is both reassuring and educative. It relieves the feelings of isolation that can be overwhelming. Patients are expected to answer treatment-specific questionnaires regularly and receive immediate feedback on the course of action to follow. Thanks to our proprietary clinical classification algorithm for doctors, we have a solution that acts as a triage platform that is helping them to prepare the care of patients who need it the most.

Our business model is centered on pharma industrial on two pillars. The first one is about the patient’s pathway where pharmas partner with us to help us deploy our platform globally in SQL facilities on the constitute or research network. The second one is about a data generation program with an academic research group to help assess innovative drugs in real-life conditions.

To date, we have deployed our platform in 30 health care facilities. We have over 4.000 patients included on the platform, and our ambition is to deploy our platform globally. We aim to help as many patients as possible suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases, and to do so, we are deploying our platform throughout Europe.

Our mission is to democratize the care of patients using telematics telemonitoring as the new standard of care for patients. Working out together, we can improve the remote care of patients who have cancer. Thank you.