BHH Startups - Sherplay Cloud-Based Medical Recording

BHH Startups – Sherplay Cloud-Based Medical Recording

During the Mobile World Congress 2021, Barcelona Health Hub was present at 4YFN, the startup business platform, together with Juan Manuel Rios of Sherplay.

Beeseet is a solution to help reconnect people inside healthcare, saving time and improving the decision-making process.

I am Juan Manuel Rios. I’m the medical advisor and the CEO of Sherplay, and I’m here to introduce you to our transparent in-room dictation for clinical environments.

When you come to my office, I’m an orthopedic surgeon, you bring complaints, and I have to do a physical exam on you, and I need to type all this in a computer, in your medical record. This is the time where you awkwardly look at the ceiling or don’t know where to look. With these awkward silences occurring, this is not a very effective way of documenting your visit, and also, it’s not the most transparent way of recording your medical records. Transparency is becoming a big thing now. It’s being enforced in many countries like the United States, where we’re seeing that there are federal laws that require doctors to be transparent about what we are recording your medical records.

The most transparent means of recording the outcome of the visit is through in-room clinical dictation, which means I am not typing into your electronic medical record; instead, I am dictating my notes in front of you. So, for example, the patient will give me their symptoms, make an assessment, and then record the summation of the sessions by dictating it to the app. this is easier; this is more comfortable for doctors and patients while being more transparent.

As you can see, the app has a lot of benefits included. Beeseet is the only app that has been specifically created for clinical in-room dictation, which allows the doctor or the clinician to be six times faster when they have to document outcomes in the medical records. Further, it allows for greater transparency. We have created an interface that allows the recording to be stored, organized, and shared between clinicians, patients, and other providers.

We are a tiny team of three cousins. I am an orthopedic surgeon and also an entrepreneur for the last five years. Felix is in charge of all the development and the computer stuff. And lastly, Manuel is our marketing specialist.

We have been developing our product over the last year. We have raised an initial round of capital. Furthermore, we have gained recognition from prestigious institutions, including Hospitales Nisa. We have tested our app in clinical environments with the Consortium Sanitary Integral in ab Sardinia and various other clinical environments. These trials have allowed us to receive real-world feedback regarding clinical in-room dictation through our app.

The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play; you can download it for free and test it.

Thank you very much, and if you are interested in changing the way doctors and patients change exchange information, please get in contact with us.

BHH Startups – Sherplay Cloud-Based Medical Recording