BHH Startups - Doole Health supports Virtual Medical Visits

BHH Startups – Doole Health supports Virtual Medical Visits

During the Mobile World Congress 2021, Barcelona Health Hub was present at 4YFN, the startup business platform with José Maria Ruiz of Doole Health.

Doole is a platform for medical virtual visits that strengthens the link between patients and health professionals, providing added value to the patients while optimizing resources in terms of time, costs, and distance and allowing access to new segments of care well as outpatients.

An App powered by Doole is user-friendly, versatile, and adaptable. For patients, it works as an App for Android and iOS, where they can have access to all their health-related information, including medication, reminders, individualized recommendations for specific pathologies, as well as medical reports, analysis or tests results, and directly interact with their health care providers. From the health center perspective, Doole enables the center to store in one place all information related to a patient, and the data is managed from a back-office accessible from any internet browser and a specific App. Additionally, Doole can be used in environments with limited bandwidth.

Doole Health offers a fully customizable telehealth platform connecting patients and healthcare professionals.

My name is José Maria Ruiz. I am the global business development director at Doole Health.

We are living longer and want to enjoy a better quality of life. However, this life expectancy increase presents a challenge to the healthcare system. Chronic diseases and health care costs are continuously growing. In a few years, Europeans who are over 65 will increase by 20%, which will increase the stress of the healthcare system. In addition, the new world will be digital.

Several studies show that telehealth increases efficiencies and reduces healthcare costs by over 20%. In addition, the pandemic has led to a massive acceptance of telehealth by patients, which has resulted in an acceleration of adoption equivalent to 2-5 years.

Doole is a telehealth platform that allows face-to-face consultations with providers anytime, anywhere while saving healthcare costs and supporting patient self-care. Our main differentiator is that the product has been developed from clinical experience and patient needs.

Our product strategy is based on four pillars – communication, information, monitoring, and adherence. First, we provided a direct and secure channel for communication between the healthcare team and the patients. This allows providers to be at the right place at the right time. Second, the information component acts as a repository for patient data while offering healthcare tips about diet and health to empower patients in self-care. Third, monitoring includes data collection from various sources, including wearables. Through analytics of the collected data, we offer insights to the providers regarding medications and patient progress. Fourth, we support adherence through gamification. Finally, we motivate patients to support adherence and develop healthy habits.

Doole is a health platform that may integrate with any healthcare system.

BHH Startups – Doole Health supports Virtual Medical Visits