4YFN 2021 - Lighthouse DIG

4YFN 2021 – Lighthouse DIG

During the Mobile World Congress 2021, Barcelona Health Hub was present at 4YFN, the startup business platform with Natalia Martin Almohalla of Lighthouse DIG.

LIGHTHOUSE Disruptive Innovation Group is an opportunity business builder in the Boston ecosystem. They work with companies to define, test and validate new business solutions from world-class academia, cutting-edge startups, and B2B collaborations.

They are committed to improving our clients’ business development teams, enhancing their disruptive technology transfer rate, and increasing their investment return on innovation.

With the next company, we’re going to travel to Boston.

Lighthouse Disruptive Innovation Group is an opportunity business builder in the Boston ecosystem, enhancing the disruptive technology transfer rate.

Thank you very much for letting us be here. We are traveling from Boston to introduce you to this new initiative. We offer a personalized platform to provide continuous care to everyone called WeShareCare.

I want to share some data regarding how the world population is aging and all the related diseases that are increasing as a result – for example, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. We want to understand the impact of monitoring populations before the onset of these age-related diseases. It is estimated that the global Remote and Monitoring market is expected to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2026.

That’s why we created a cloud-based business platform based on cutting-edge AI technology for peer-to-peer connections to support continuous care and well-being. In addition, we will develop a plug-and-play marketplace where we can integrate different kinds of technologies, such as software and hardware. This will allow you to access care at any point in time.

The platform will host our cloud services combined with peer-to-peer technologies that will connect a user to a caregiver in real-time – real caregiver, not simply an AI-driven chatbot.

The app is based on KPIs – well-being indicators that will be monitored by our caregivers and coupled with a daily survey regarding how the user is feeling.

Our services support a target audience that needs such data, including insurance companies, pharma, governments, and population health experts, as well as nursing homes. WeShareCare is an R&D B2B tech-focused initiative.

Our business model is based on a franchise model, and we are in more than six countries right now. For example, India supporting care options as they struggle with the pandemic. We are creating a new business model based on monitoring care. This approach is something that has been missing.

Our team consists of four people right now supporting our franchisees.

Thank you very much. I invite you to visit us in the digital health hub in Barcelona Health Hub.

4YFN 2021 – Lighthouse DIG