Launch of TIQUE’s Open Market Consultation (OMC) – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Before launching TIQUE’s call for tenders next year (June 21), TIQUE is embarking on an Open Market Consultation, starting October 2021. Successful pre-commercial procurement requires involving potential researchers, technology companies and service providers at the earliest possible stage.

The Open Market Consultation (OMC) aims both to communicate and to explore:

  • To communicate TIQUE’s plans to organisations out there developing ideas that can contribute to realising the vision.
  • To explore compatible technologies, to mould TIQUE’s vision to reflect and harness the actual technological power offered by the market.

The OMC consists in an in-depth dialogue with the industry to clarify the objectives of the procurement, the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process and the main clauses to be included in the contracts. TIQUE invites all interested companies to join the OMC activities to learn about the healthcare challenge being faced directly from its three procurers by attending any of the scheduled OMC Events.

The market response will inform the tender specification and enable the buyers to develop a co-creation model for the delivery of solutions that meet the buyers needs and have the flexibility to be adapted to different healthcare systems and situations.

The planned activities for the TIQUE OMC are:

  • Four online events: three local events to be held in each of the buyers’ locations and an international event.
  • A market questionnaire will be available on the project website, to gather information from the market on potential solutions to address the TIQUE
  • A matchmaking tool to assist the development of collaborative partnerships between potential suppliers.

All events will be held online. Registration is open here.