Innovation in health: The key to tackling the ageing of Spanish society – #BHHMembersInitiatives

At the beginning of 2020, the number of people in Spain over the age of 64 will reach almost 9 million, a fact that highlights the increase in life expectancy in recent years, but also things to see a significant problem for current healthcare system.

Telemedi is aware of this situation and wants to promote better habits today for the health of tomorrow. In this context in which society is moving towards longevity (according to data collected by the INE in 2019, almost one in three people will be over 65 in 2060), the key may lie in the implementation of new technological resources such as telemedicine. 

To combat this challenge, Telemedi is committed to creating a catalogue of problems and solutions: a constantly growing database that provides information on the structural changes in consultations year after year and it could help to improve public health services and ensure that hospital visits are made only when necessary. Working on this type of solution will make the implementation of hybrid models in the healthcare sector easier for all stakeholders and improve patient care.

Telemedi bases its philosophy on the fact that telemedicine and new technologies should focus on elderly, but also on those who will be it in the coming years. In fact, in 2020 and 2021, the percentage of people over the age of 60 who used Telemedi services and made remote consultations was around 2.5%; considering that people aged between 40 and 55 currently make up more than 20% of the patient structure using telemedicine services, it is easy to predict that in the next 10 years the number of elderlies using remote medical services will grow dynamically.

Ultimately, to drive education and awareness in this area to make telemedicine accessible and affordable so that people can live healthier and feel safer no matter where they are.