Telemedicine restores equity of access to health systems for diabetes patients – #BHHMembersInitiatives

In Spain, diabetes affects around 6 million people. A pathology that, like many other chronic diseases, was relegated to the background with the appearance of Covid-19 and the consequent confinement experienced in Spain in March 2020. The saturation in hospitals and health centres showed unequal access to health services for patients with diabetes and brought with it the implementation of new technologies, such as telemedicine, to remedy this fact. 

For this reason, BHH member Telemedi, a trusted business partner in advanced digital health solutions, true to its philosophy of putting the patient at the centre, wants to bring telemedicine to patients with diabetes so that they can regain their opportunities for access to healthcare, and feel safe no matter where they are.

Since diabetes is a pathology that requires constant monitoring, the implementation of telemedicine for its treatment and prevention could be a solution for the current context: patients could establish continuous contact with their doctors without the need for physical consultations, in addition to the economic cost and time savings that these services entail.

According to data provided by Telemedi, in 2021, the number of remote diabetes consultations grew by 25% compared to 2020, a fact that highlights how this type of solution is increasingly demanded by patients to achieve a quality service. In the words of Gabriel Alessandro Guida, Telemedi‘s Medical Director:In order to offer continuous monitoring to patients, we are providing the possibility of having direct communication with the same doctor through the health programmes, as well as giving the possibility of having specific consultations if needed“.

For Dr Guida, “the future will also be to have continuous monitoring of patient parameters, such as glucose levels, through wearable technology, allowing doctors to contact patients when these monitored parameters are not in the desired range“.

Intrested? Please check out the website of Telemedi here!