Startupxplore leads a € 500,000 investment round in Nubentos to facilitate the development of Digital Health in the healthcare sector – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Nubentos opens a financing round of €500,000 called through the Equity crowdfunding platform Startupxplore that will be used to facilitate the development of Digital Health in the health sector. The early phase round has reached 50% of the operation.

Nubentos creates a widely validated integration model in the IT industry (SOA, API Management), and also takes advantage of the great experience of the founders in the Health sector. “As software developers for Healthcare”, explains Manuel Morales CEO of Nubentos, “APIs allow the service to be offered through a connector and that we do not have to go to the origin to negotiate how I have to use the service but simply have to connect that API to my software and use it.”

The health ecosystem, from hospitals, insurers, startups, telemedicine platforms, among others, can integrate health innovations from around the world much more efficiently through a single point. This is what the Nubentos software allows, which promotes Digital Health through its innovative SaaS platform, which simplifies the efficient integration of any HealthTech innovation in any healthcare software.

“We cover an increasingly evident need in the health ecosystem, we provide an efficient model to accelerate the adoption of all innovations in Digital Health,” says Morales.

From Startupxplore they bet on a better way of understanding health. Thus, the CEO of the entity, Nacho Ormeño considers that through Nubentos “the health sector has a good opportunity to adopt these disruptive technologies because it is prepared and is increasingly aware, especially as a result of the pandemic, of the need to incorporate the best innovations in the day-to-day of healthcare.”

85% of organizations in any sector say that API technology is at the center of their digital transformation strategy (Postman’s 2020 State of the Art Report). The Health sector is discovering this same path to digitize its processes, and Nubentos arrives right at the beginning of this fact.

In addition, the founding team has accumulated more than 40 years of careers in leading companies, leading highly complex projects with proven success. “The social and health impact is huge. We help the entire sector to access all innovations in Digital Health, directly impacting global health problems such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, occupational health, etc. and helping to digitize and globalize health processes such as digital prescription, intelligent vademecum, electronic history and remote patients monitoring”, explains Morales.

The Nubentos platform currently has users in 60 countries. On the other hand, during the first wave of the pandemic, it ranked first in the world in COVID-19 monitoring services for 3 months, according to the prestigious American company Apimetrics. To see how the Product Market Fit process was and what Nubentos contribute, you can check out this interview.