CIMTI organizes webinar: Entrepreneurial experience: how to make your innovative idea a reality – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member CIMTI is organizing a webinar: “Entrepreneurial experience: how to make your innovative idea a reality”, with the collaboration of Innovation Forum, the accelerator specialized in health. The webinar will take place on December 15th, from 12pm to 1pm, through the ZOOM platform. You can register here.

The webinar consists of  a round table where the CEOs of four innovative startups will talk about the development of their project in the health sector. They will also explain their personal experience in entrepreneurship and attendees will have the opportunity to ask all their questions to these experts.

Don’t miss this webinar with:

  • David Blánquez, CEO MJN Neuroserveis
  • Daniel Oliva, CEO Aether Tech
  • Mariona Serra-Pagès, CEO GoodGut
  • Amadís Pagès, CEO Moirai Biodesign
  • Ricky Perez, head of Innovation Forum and modertai

Once you have registred, you will receive by email the link to Zoom to attend the session. Don’t forget to sign up here!